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I was gonna give it 4, but I also call that guy Shamalamadingdong, and that. good Sir, deserves a fiver.

Also, It is funny material.

I shall watch this movie tonite.

This is the version produced by Benny Hill and directed by Stimpy

Eyelids-pie responds:

you smell like a farting butt
ill be watching YOU tonight
with my nose

Cool vid.

Looks like some planet Spaceman Spiff would hang out.

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I am right now adicted to this game.

One suggestion: I wish some things could be skipped fo faster game-play. Like the fanfare bit when an opponent is defeated.

The music reminds me of mist.

The scenario does also, but to a lesser extent.
Good game.

A classic.

The original was better. No point in remaking something if there's no improvement. Also, a division line to the left of the gray area would be nice. It's good to know where the game-play rectangle ends.

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I heard this almost a month ago now.

And it's still stuck in my head. I've started hiring hookers now. Good song.

"Very Immature"

I see potential, I believe you should keep practicing flash but not submit anything untill you get older and more mature. And if you do submit something get different voice actors because the pre-pubescent voices were irritating.

So in a nutshell, keep on practicing, some of the things here were pretty descent, mature up, get voice actors for any future work untill your vocal chords fully mature and you could very well be the next egoraptor.

BigBlackAndSalty responds:

Ha, I leave a review you don't like and you vote zero on my songs every day to bring my score down. What a douscher.

Happy Indeed

I feel like sponge bob on his way to work.

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I like yours way more than the idea they came up with for the new movie.



I never get which one is Leo and which one is Satan, though.

Cool image.

Actually that would be a short fight. For all their "mutantness", there were never any claims that the TMNT posessed any actual super powers. So I'd say the dude with the healing powers and adamantium rigs has the swift upper hand here.

We needs more RPG games.

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